3. US Military Unchecked Powers, the Media, and Human Testing

culture of laxed oversight by congressional members, media disinformation, and a cultivated dumbing down of the US population

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 Part II (Pentagon Black Budget)

Some indications, that this writer has referred to in earlier posts, of the disinformation found on the internet as well as in the general media, concerning programs and operations of the military and the CIA, can be found in the writings of Professor Peter Phillps, as well as his collaborators Lew Brown, and Bridget Thornton, in an article and report, entitled US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights (4), which states  ” hundreds of people continue to assert that a person or persons, whom they do not know, have been targeting them with electromagnetic weapons in a widespread campaign of either illegal experimentation or outright persecution…..” (pg.38). Furthermore, the authors go on to say the following:  

“….the authors conducted interviews with several individuals who wish to have their identities protected and who presented anecdotal and physical evidence to support  their assertions. There is, however, little in the public domain that conclusively states the existence of direct human manipulation by governments, militaries or private companies/researchers in the current day, MKULTRA and other historic programs notwithstanding. However, there are many organizations that seek to help these people including concerned scientists, Russian Duma members and EU parliamentarians, psychologists and academics. ” (footnote 138 on pg. 38)

The US is a system of many institutions including those whose sole function is to provide government oversight. When problems arise that threaten the stability of the country or the safety of the people, the US government is designed to have checks and balances that allow the people to challenge misconduct either directly or through congressional representatives. Increasingly, oversight is disintegrating. According to a 2006 report in the in the Boston Globe, the intelligence committee does not read most intelligence reports in their entirety. (Phillips, Brown, Thornton, pg. 9) 

The media is complicit in omitting information necessary to make democratic decisions.  A global dominance agenda includes penetration into the boardrooms of the corporate media in the US…..

A research team at Sonoma State University recently finished conducting a network analysis of the boards of directors of the ten big media organizations in the US. The team determined that only 118 people comprise the membership on the boards of director of the ten big media giants. These 118 individuals in turn sit on the corporate boards of 288 national and international corporations. Four of the top 10 media corporations in the US have DOD contractors on their boards of directors…..” ( Phillips, Brown, Thornton, pg. 9, 10)

The writers also mention the evidence that they have acquired, concerning Pentagon influence within major media, connecting corperate giants, private defense contractors, with many of the largest media conglomerates, news organizations, and entertainment sources.  

Given the above information from the published study by the researchers at  Sonoma  Universityit is necessary for one to understand that the unchecked power that is now in the hands of the United States Military, CIA, Department of Defense, and Pentagon, is very great. Breaches of conduct, Guantanamo Bay, and other issues that reach it to the public, or senate house floor, are simply functional highlights that, unintentionally, or otherwise, serve to give a false sense to the public.
That false sense is one that paints our military, as well as it’s adjacent agencies (CIA, etc.), as being under strict democratic checks and balances. Principled laws of the Constitution of the United States, and what we have been taught in schools, history classes, and the  principles touted by US Presidents, in condemnations towards other so called non-democratic ‘regimes’, are principles absent from Black Budget Operations, which are funded in the billions. These principles do not apply to the Pentagon, the military, and the CIA, in that regard, due to a culture of laxed oversight by congressional members, media disinformation, and a cultivated dumbing down of the US population. We have an ineffective congress, and diliquent state representatives, in regards to oversight in areas of US military and CIA experiments, actions, and research, based on Pentagon Black Budget Funds. (Tim Weiner, The Dark Secret of the Black Budget, Pentagon’s Defense Budget, *****)
Breaches of conduct, abuses coming from military money, hidden research grants, and the outright disregard for human rights, has been a consistent reality, so much so, that today it might be highlighted with an honest investigation into the use of unwitting civilian, and the atrocious misuses of technologies refered to herein.       

Two of the published works cited here, namely that of Colin A. Ross, and that of Peter Phillips and his colleagues, are concerned  with human rights and atrocities committed by the military, the CIA, medical and psychiatric practices, in relation to testing and experimenting, that are the American reality of  perverse, highly corrupt and monsterously unethical uses of these technologies.


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